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Update 6

Going to start posting tomorrow! Super excited to start this blog up again, and I hope you all enjoy my recipes. Let’s get into the kitchen and get cooking!

Update 5

Posting this one a bit late, although with good news! The posting will begin Tuesday the 27th! Taking this Saturday to celebrate my anniversary so no post then. I hope everyone is looking forward to more recipes. Let me know things you’d like to see in the future. Thank you for the continued support!

Update 4

Just another weekly update. Currently finishing up some future posts and the final touches on my site. I am happy to say everything is on track to start up again soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Thank you for the continued support. Sorry for such a short update! There isn’t anything too new. Hopefully next week will be different.

Update 2

Hello everyone! Just another weekly update in preparation for my coming back! Currently working on some recipes, and I’m going to get a collection of 10-15 recipes before I start to begin posting again. Also I plan on posting 2-3 times a week. Thinking Tuesdays and Saturdays, and occasionally Thursdays/Fridays. Also I plan on posting small updates to keep this site active and up to date weekly, expect updates on Mondays! Thank you to everyone who has supported me these last few months, and I look forward to sharing my… Read more Update 2


Been working on my site little by little. I have decided on a final approach to how I want to run my blog and where I want to go with it. Currently recipe testing and writing about budget cooking, quick and easy meals, and how to achieve less food waste. As most people struggle with these issues as well as myself, I wanted to help calm some nerves and give people confidence to not only get into the kitchen, but be able to do it without financial pressure. As these… Read more UPDATE

Clean Your Instant Pot

So how many people out there just wash your instant pot with just soap and water and it just isn’t working? Cooked something and it stuck to the bottom of the pot and can’t get it off? Well I got the solution for you, and it is only two things, vinegar and water, seriously! It can also help to get that “smell” out of the ring on your instant pot. Now onto the super easy way to clean your instant pot! Instant Pot Cleaning 2 Cups of water 1/2 White… Read more Clean Your Instant Pot